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Storied Selves

About me

I am a former NHS doctor, medical educator, published poet, short form writer and Writing for Wellbeing & Personal Development Facilitator.

I love to integrate my professional and personal and experience, in order to support others to discover their innate creativity and self-expression through writing.

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What I offer

Writing workshops to enhance reflection, wellbeing, well as personal and professional development.

I design and facilitate bespoke writing workshops for :

  • for those in roles that involve therapeutic care of others, including those working in the healthcare and social work sectors, social prescribers, linkworkers,therapy and counselling staff

  •  for any organisations that are looking for ways to support staff and student wellbeing

  • those who are receiving care in health, community and social care settings

  • the wider community

Open Hands

Creative Writing for Pleasure and Wellbeing for those receiving Healthcare and Social care.

As a experienced former doctor and Writing in Wellbeing Facilitator,  I am passionate about a holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing. 

I can design and facilitate one-off or a series of writing related activities for  groups in hospital, community and social care settings, using the principles of the Culture,Health and Wellbeing Alliance Framework 2023.

I am professionally indemnified by Balens Limited Insurers and I can arrange DRB for all groups I work with. 

Rainbow Light Art

Writing for Wellbeing for those in the Caring Professions

 If you work with people in a caring capacity, in any setting, are training to do so,and/or are training others to do so,then these workshops are designed with YOU in mind. 

Doctor's Desk

Writing for Wellbeing, Personal & Professional Development
for Organisations

Bespoke workshops for staff and students in a range of settings, including in healthcare and academia.

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Notebook and Pen

What is Writing for Wellbeing?

Writing for Wellbeing is an overarching term for writing that is also known as therapeutic writing, although it is not therapy per se. 

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