Writing for Wellbeing for those in the Caring Professions

If you work with people in a therapeutic and caring capacity for a living, or are training to do so, being able to reflect on your experiences, is an integral part of being a caring professional, and can

contribute to our sense of wellbeing.

These workshops are designed specifically with YOU in mind.

The aim of these workshops is  to introduce you to new techniques that you can incorporate into your professional as well as personal lives, for example creative, expressive and reflective writing. Combining these types of writing using creative 'prompts' and techniques, including poetry,fiction and memoir, can offer you  a more liberating,creative means of reflection and self-expression,for your personal and professional life. alongside the more formal professional logs and portfolios necessary in working life.

No specialist or prior experience of creative writing is needed, just an openness and willingness to give writing a go!

Following valuable feedback from delegates from the first block of workshops for those in  healthcare fields and the community workshops, these will now be TWO hour workshops on

Saturday evenings 19:00-21:00PM GMT  (April-August no workshop in May)

Cost per workshop: 

£35  for all staff/academics

£25 for undergraduate students /unwaged/retired

We will work as a small group (minimum 2 participants, maximum 8 participants), to collaboratively create a safe, confidential and supported space, to explore experiences, related to life within and/or outside your profession.


We will use a  range of enjoyable and creative ways of reflecting and self-expression through writing and you will be invited to share your writing and or/ your experience of the writing process.(Frequently Asked Questions)


Online via Zoom platform:

Saturday 9th APRIL 2022

19:00-21:00PM GMT

How do you define yourself?By the roles you play in society and/ or in some other way?

In this workshop, using examples from memoir, fiction and poetry as prompts, we will explore in writing and in discussion, the diversity we bring to our professions and our community, and how this impacts on our identity,personal and professional development and our wellbeing.

Brown Wood


Online via Zoom platform:


19:00 -21:00 GMT

What does the term 'resilience' mean to you, in a professional and personal capacity?

Drawing on your own experiences of preceding and during the pandemic, we will use a mix of reflective, creative, expressive writing and poetry therapy techniques and carefully selected and created resources, to explore what the concepts of resilience, burnout, moral injury mean to you and for you as professionals and as individuals.



19:00-21:00 GMT

As someone providing care and offering compassion to so many others,when was the last time you felt compassion towards yourself?

Using textual and other prompts, you will be invited to explore the area of kindness and compassion and related areas, drawing on your own experiences at work and/or in your personal life, to reflect in writing and discussion, on ways that you can be more self-compassionate.

Image by Giulia Bertelli
Lighthouse Wide


Online via Zoom platform:


19:00- 21:00PM GMT

How much of your true authentic self, do you bring to your work,and how much do you leave behind?

This session will use a combination of poetry, fiction, memoir, mixed media sources to explore themes of identity, sense of self, and boundaries between work and personal life personas.