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Podcasts & Broadcasts

These podcasts will give you more of an idea about my life and career experiences, and how writing has played a pivotal role throughout my life journey.

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these podcasts, so please feel welcome to leave comments on the respective programme site comments sections and/or write to me via Storied Selves contact form. 

Thanks for listening!

  Lapidus Out loud (15 minute interview)

My first ever podcast interview (so bear with me and don't let that put you off dear Listener!),in 2020, with Francesca Baker, Outreach Manager for Lapidus international (, about my initial writing work in medical education and wellbeing, and early training in the area.

 Surgical Spirit podcast :Get writing with Roshni (59 minutes, May 2021)

 A 59 minute podcast for a medical/healthcare audience largely, in which I was interviewed by Dr Haidar Al-Hakim, the 'Third Eye Doctor', Consultant Opthalmologist, therapist and writer; this interview delves quite deeply into my life experiences, including referring to past episodes of depression and bereavement, and where writing fits in and has helped me deal with grief. We also discuss my views and experiences as a medical educator and doctor. 

Be a Better leader podcast (1 hour 2 minutes, July 2021)

A wide ranging discussion with NHS Leadership educator and coach, Mike Chitty, about themes around identity, where writing comes in, tangential career paths and key issues that matter to me in medical education and healthcare.

Spoken Truth to Power :Episode 5 How can we find hope? Series by Culture Studio, funded by Arts Council England (26 minutes)

In March 2021, I was proud and honoured to be commissioned to write and record a piece for this moving and informative six part series aimed at the South Asian diaspora, with a wide variety of guests such as poets, historians and women from Indian communities that Culture Studio interviewed about issues such as loss and grief due to COVID-19,partition experiences and intergenerational issues.Episode 5 focuses on hope and healing and my piece is the latter end of the recording, on how Writing for wellbeing can help us express, reflect on and process our experiences and  emotions around the above issues. The episode 5 was broadcast in May 2021.

 The Power of Creative Writing (40 mins 17 seconds, Wellbeing Champions Podcast with

Aaron Kara and Dr Tom Jamieson, GP and both Co Founders of, the 'all-in-one workplace wellbeing platform," put me through my paces (in the loveliest way!)  about my work with Storied Selves, including my ethos, audiences and my creative process designing and delivering workshops with the public, healthcare staff and students and organisations. I discuss freewriting and how to go about it, then create possible poems and prose from it, and I suggest some simple ,fun ways to  get started with creative writing with no prior experience, and we also discuss the role of reflective writing and how creative writing can form part of our reflective practice in healthcare and healthcare education, that can be applied to whatever field you are in.

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