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A list of useful links, articles and practitioners in the fields. It is not exhaustive!

My article Unwind:Creative Writing, published in Medical Women's Federation  Magazine, 'The Viral Issue', page 28-29, Volume 39, Issue 2, Autumn /Winter 2020 ,gives an overview of some ways of starting writing creatively for pleasure, wellbeing, and reflection. I hope some of the suggestions are helpful to get you writing and give you a flavour of my approach to writing.

Resources on Writing in healthcare, social and educational contexts:

My first port of call for excellent resources and contacts in this field is information Lapidus International,"the global association for promoting the practice of words for wellbeing and supporting practitioners working in education, health, community, voluntary, private and public sectors" (page 2 Creative Practices for Wellbeing Practice Guidance,13th January 2020).

Types of writing used in Writing for Wellbeing work:

For the principles of journaling, I would recommend the pioneering work of American psychologist, Ira Progoff

For expressive writing, the pioneering work of Professor James Pennebaker

Reflective writing resources are manifold, but I highly recommend the work of Dr Gillie Bolton and Dr Jennifer Moon.

Writing for Wellbeing Practitioners/Facilitators:

There are many excellent practitioners this field, but these are three  I have worked with personally, and are well established and renowned for their work in the field and as supervisors of Practitioners and Facilitators. 


Dr Gillie Bolton

Monica Suswin

Victoria Field

Cheryl Moskowitz

Related fields:

Bibliotherapy, Poetry Therapy  and Creative Writing have long been used in Mental Health Settings, as a part of Occupational Therapy, and they are being used increasingly in other areas such as Primary Care.

The National Association for Poetry Therapy defines poetry therapy as "the use of language, symbol, and story in therapeutic, education, growth, and community-building capacities." Please also see the Irish Poetry Therapy Network.

Arts in Health:


Narrative Medicine:

An area of the Medical Humanities used in the training of doctors and other healthcare professionals .Leaders in this field include::

Healthcare staff and student resources that support writing and creativity:

  •  cRxeate.: This is a welcoming, free to join,online community,for doctors,dentists and vets, at any stage of their career , which aims to foster creativity and wellbeing, alongside their professional lives.It has been a wonderful support and discovery for me since joining in December 2019. 

  • Re-Humanising is a resource of stories from those in the healthcare field.

  • CLOSLER based at John Hopkins Medical School whose mission is  "Stimulating healthcare professionals and trainees to reflect on giving exceptional care to every patient.'

  • Narrative Medicine please see above

  • Medical and Health Humanities- more established in North America in Healthcare Professionals Education, an excitingly growing field in the UK. Please see The Association of Medical Humanities for further information and links.​​

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