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Time is TBD by MOSA organisers


MOSA conference 2021 'SciFi meets Science Fact 'Creative Writing Workshop 23.6.21

I am really excited to have been invited to facilitate a Creative Writing workshop for the FREE international biomedical conference,hosted by Maastricht University!

MOSA conference 2021 'SciFi meets Science Fact 'Creative Writing Workshop 23.6.21

Friday 24th September 2021 Online (Zoom) 18:30-19:30PM BST

Time is TBD by MOSA organisers

In this FREE online workshop, I will give an overview of the current literature of the impact of nature and the environment on our health and wellbeing, before introducing attendees to a simple writing exercise for wellbeing, using nature as a stimulus.

MOSA is a student-led conference organised entirely by medical and biomedical students at Europe's prestigious Maastrict University, some of Europe's finest young minds, and the programme includes international invited speakers, and the best part-it is entirely FREE and open to the public as well as scientists, those in healthcare and students. I am incredibly proud and honoured to be invited to create and facilitate a fun creative writing workshop, which given the theme of this year's conference of Biomedical innovation,technology and digitial health, will be a blend of " science fiction meets science fact.

Come and join us for the conference-I have had a sneak preview of the programme and it looks amazing-we are in for a real treat!

All information on the MOSA21 website

Hope to see you there in June!

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