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Rediscovering your Creative Self: Writing Workshop for Scholars

I am delighted to be collaborating with the wonderful with Vishwam Heckert, of Flowing With Life (, yoga teacher & trainer, interfaith heart minister-in-training, writer, heart meditation facilitator and wellbeing coach.

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Rediscovering your Creative Self: Writing  Workshop for Scholars
Rediscovering your Creative Self: Writing  Workshop for Scholars

Friday 24th September 2021 Online (Zoom) 18:30-19:30PM BST

22 Oct 2022, 11:00 – 11:05 BST

In this FREE online workshop, I will give an overview of the current literature of the impact of nature and the environment on our health and wellbeing, before introducing attendees to a simple writing exercise for wellbeing, using nature as a stimulus.

In this special workshop especially for research students, academics, independent researchers and other scholars*, you will explore with friendly colleagues practices that help you remember your natural creativity and the joy of learning and researching. This course will be especially helpful for those suffering from stress and fatigue or those who wish to avoid such experiences and maintain a certain vitality in your work and in your whole life. Sound good?

As kids, we all know how to be creative. We tell all kinds of stories, create works of art, invent new games and so much more. In our culture, we seem to forget that as we learn to be ‘serious’ and fit into the systems that we are part of. And yet we all know that creative spirit is essential for life! Without it, we get stuck in an uncomfortable rut. For us scholars, in particular, we can get so caught up in the rules and expectations of our various disciplines, we might forget what drew us to want to read, write and teach in the first place.

So let’s come together and remind ourselves of the joy of gentle, playful, and creative exploration. In this session, you will get to experience practices of heart-centred meditation, writing for wellbeing exercises and space to connect and discuss with fellow scholars the challenges and delights of writing.

All you need to bring is bring is an object from nature that calls to you, a nice cuppa, a notebook and pen (or keyboard), and an open mind and heart.

* As you may know, the word scholar refers to someone who teaches and learns. In a way, we’re all teach-learners, of course. Life is like that. This course is especially for those of us who dedicate a great deal of our time to teaching and learning in whatever way that may be for each of us.

Bookings and queries via Vishwam and team on

Look forward to meeting you there.

best wishes


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